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In particular for small and medium-sized companies, expanding into other countries and entering international market sectors often is a huge challenge associated with high financial risk.

Our team will be glad to support you in this venture. Here, our focus areas are South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. At both destinations we maintain long-standing business relationships and thus are familiar with the markets and their particularities. The type and scope of our services is tailored specifically to your needs and budget. Our offering includes the classic preliminary market research, the presentation of your products to eligible partner companies/distributors in the relevant countries, all the way to the closing of contracts and providing on-site representation. Whether you choose our complete service package or individual components, Albion AG and Albion AG Inc. supports you in new foreign markets as a reliable partner.

Upon request our team develops business ideas. In special individual cases we may actively get involved in their implementation and market launch as a capital provider.